Call for Tutorials, Workshops and Panels

Submission Details

The language of the conference is English. All submissions must therefore be in English.

ACIS 2011 invites proposals for workshops, panels and tutorial sessions that bring together experts from industry and/or academia with complementary or conflicting perspectives to: generate further opportunities to work on publishable output; discuss a current research topic; demonstrate new ideas and/or approaches; or otherwise highlight issues of importance to the IS field.

Tutorial Proposals

Tutorials can cover any aspect of IS research, education or practice that is relevant to the IS community. Typically, these are hands-on sessions that may demonstrate or explain a new development in the field.

Tutorials will be organised as 1 or ½ day sessions and be scheduled prior to the start of the normal conference program i.e. Tuesday 29th November, 2011. Depending on the resource requirements, i.e. rooms etc some tutorials may incur an additional fee. Each tutorial proposal must include:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details for the presenter
  • Qualifications of the speaker (for running the tutorial)
  • Tutorial title, a 750-word abstract, and a brief outline
  • Duration of the tutorial (e.g. ½ day or full-day)
  • Planned activities during the tutorial
  • Special requirements (e.g. Internet access, software etc)
  • Target audience and maximum number of tutorial participants (if limited)

Workshop Proposals

Workshops should be designed to highlight an area of high priority to the IS community as well as having a balance of academic and industry focus (we suggest an academic and industry chair). It is also suggested that workshop organisers contact potential attendees in their research and/or practitioner communities to evaluate the level of interest and potential attendance at the workshop.

Workshops will be organised during a “block” session of time during the regular conference program i.e. a 1½ hour session (with up to seven available workshop timeslots). A workshop proposal should include up to 10 key participants and also must include:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details for the workshop chairs
  • Qualifications of the chairs (for running the workshop)
  • Names and affiliation of up to 10 key participants who will assist in driving the workshop agenda and outputs. (Note: Key participants must commit to the workshop prior to the submission. Please also note that workshops can, of course, have more than 10 key attendees)
  • Title of the Workshop, a 750-word abstract, and a brief outline
  • Planned activities during the workshop
  • Planned activities after the workshop i.e. possible publication and research grant strategies
  • Planned target outlets for the workshop output
  • Target audience

Panel Proposals

Panels should be designed to articulate and debate an issue of significant importance to the IS community. They may take the form of multiple viewpoint presentations with audience participation, right through to a debate-style controversy.

Panels will be organised during a “block” session of time during the regular conference program i.e. a 1½hour session (with up to seven available panel timeslots). A panel should include 3-5 panelists and also must include:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details for the panel chair
  • Names and affiliation of the panellists. (Note: Panellists must commit to participating in the panel prior to the submission.)
  • Qualifications of the panellists (for running the panel)
  • Title of the Panel, a 750-word abstract and a brief outline
  • Panel structure and activities
  • Target audience

Important Dates

Workshop, Panels and Tutorial submission deadline: 26th September 2011 (5pm EAST) extended to 3rd October 2011 (5pm EAST) CLOSED
Notification of acceptance of submission: 3rd October 2011 extended to 10th October 2011 CLOSED