Business Process Management Track


Jan Recker Local track chair Queensland University of Technology
Jan Vom Brocke International chair University of Liechtenstein
Olivera Marjanovic Local track chair University of Sydney


Business process management (BPM) has become one of the most widely discussed approaches for information professionals. The potential of BPM particularly lies in the integration of advanced information technology with organisational and managerial methods to foster and leverage business innovation, operational excellence and intra- and inter-organisational collaboration.

Business Process Management as an Information Systems discipline is characterized by a myriad of approaches towards the analysis, modelling, implementation, execution and management of information systems with a process focus, ranging from those supported by groupware and project management products to those supported by workflow management systems and, more recently, business process management systems. However, BPM also embraces further, widely undefined themes pertaining to the engineering and management of systems and organisations, particularly with respect to the areas of organisational culture, process-aware information systems, strategic alignment, and governance structures.

The BPM track intends to capture the contemporary state of the art in BPM research, bringing together global BPM thought leaders. A particular aim of the track is to push the discussion in contemporary BPM research beyond information technology and methods, to also embrace aspects of strategic alignment, governance, people and culture to develop a comprehensive and holistic body of knowledge.

Topics include (but are not limited to):