Green IT and Green IS Track


Vanessa Cooper Local track chair RMIT University
Alemayehu Molla Local track chair RMIT University
Esko Penttinen International chair Helsinki School of Economics
Graeme Phillipson Industry chair Connection Research


The effects of human and business activities on the natural environment and the pace and magnitude of environmental deterioration, has seen businesses come under increasing pressure to engage in ecologically sustainable practices in addition to pursuing economical and social outcomes. The impact of information technology (IT) on, and the role of IS in, ecological sustainability have emerged as key IT management issues and as an IS research field. Thus IS and IT managers and researchers are presented with opportunities to investigate and provide solutions for how the innovative use of IT and IS can transform and reduce the environmental impact of individuals, organisations and society and thus provide leadership in sustainability.

Numerous contributions in this pursuit have already been made, however, the field of Green IT/IS is not well defined. While some researchers use "Green", others use "Sustainability", whereas others prefer "Eco-sustainability". Similarly, while some researchers refer to IS, others prefer IT, while others still, use IT and IS interchangeably. Consequently, the existing information systems literature is unclear as to what each of these concepts encapsulate and how they inform practice. The Green IT/IS track will consider the definition of Green IT/IS and explore the impact and role of IT and IS in sustainability initiatives.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

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