Social Informatics: New Approaches for the IS in the 21st Century Track


Darryl Coulthard Local track chair Deakin University
Karlheinz Kautz International chair Copenhagen Business School
Brian Corbitt Local track chair RMIT University
Paul Turner Local track chair University of Tasmania


Information technology burst the confines of business world some decades ago. The purpose of this track is to focus on the development of the discipline as not only business oriented and instrumental but also people oriented and one that examines the relationship of the human to technology and networks. This may include perspectives that view ICT appropriation and implementation as involving conflicting interests and differing power of agents.

Submission of position papers on the social dimension of the IS discipline, are encouraged. Empirical studies on how citizens, consumers, employees and communities appropriate information technologies or are affected and influenced by them are also welcome.

Topics include (but are not limited to):