Doctoral Consortium


PhD students who are currently working on their dissertation/thesis in Information Systems within a recognized university are eligible for nomination. Ideally, candidates should have successfully defended their dissertation/thesis proposal before December 2011, although they need not have defended their proposal at the time of nomination. Candidates should therefore have chosen their theoretical approach, developed their methodology and started their empirical work, but should at the time of the Consortium have at least 6-12 months work remaining before expected completion.

The number of participants will be limited. Selection for the Consortium will be based on the quality of the submission, the contribution the student may make to the Consortium and the potential benefit of the Consortium to the student's research. In the interests of diversity and equity, given more than one nomination from any single institution, we require that you rank the nominees. Note that first-ranked nominees will have equal chance against other 1st ranked or sole nominees. A 2nd ranked nominee would only be considered after all 1st ranked/sole nominees.

Participants will be organized into streams, each stream led by two senior, internationally notable IS academics who will have carefully reviewed the student submissions. All participants are required to be equally prepared and carefully review all proposals in their stream prior to the Consortium so that they are prepared to contribute to the discussion on each student's research.