Social Events

Welcome Reception - Tuesday 29th November, 6pm to 8pm

Nicholson Museum Entrance

The ACIS2011 welcome reception will be held at the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney.

The Nicholson Museum is home to the largest and most prestigious collection of antiquities in both Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. Founded by Sir Charles Nicholson's donation in 1860 of many items from Egypt and Europe, the Nicholson is now a favourite destination for all ages. Children are excited by seeing a real mummy; school students gain direct contact with material that fills their text books; and adults are enjoy being transported to different worlds without having to pack a bag or catch a plane.

Please see the events calendar for current exhibitions at the Nicholson Museum.


Conference Dinner - Thursday 1st December

6:30pm pre-dinner drinks served in the Quadrangle, with dinner 7-10pm

The Great Hall

The ACIS 2011 conference dinner will be held in The Great Hall, University of Sydney.

The Great Hall, designed by the original Colonial architect Edmund Thomas Blacket, was built in 1859 and officially opened with a grand five-day festival of music. It was the first building on the University of Sydney site - the rest of the University was built in the 20th century - and was one of the most significant buildings in early Sydney, and arguably its most grand. Upon its opening to the public it was the largest building in the colony and the obvious centre for major cultural events.

Modelled on the Westminster Hall in London, the Great Hall is regarded as one of the finest examples of Victorian Gothic architecture within Australia. The hall is home to some of the city's most stunning stained-glass windows as well as the impressive Great Hall Rudolf von Beckerath-designed organ.

Today, the Great Hall is utilised for a wide variety of events including conferring of degrees, musical and dramatic productions, banquets, public lectures, book launches, balls, antique fair and so much more. In 2010 it opened its doors to Sydney Festival audiences. One hundred and fifty years on from its opening, this iconic building continues to be a wonderful venue for a festival of theatre, music and discussion.

Take a virtual tour of The Great Hall.